30 Thoughtful Travel Gifts for Her

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With the holidays approaching, it is time to start looking around for the best presents to get for our loved ones. And I know how it always happens – we wait until the last minute, until we actually get stressed out, then have to swiftly pick something out and purchase it, without putting that much thought into it. 

Even if it’s not for a big holiday like Christmas, travel gifts are perfect for any birthday occasion. Don’t get me wrong, organising a full trip to a beautiful birthday destination is probably the best thing you can get someone, but a travel-related gift is probably the next best thing.

Well, I have created this list to help you out in this decision making process. If you know a woman who loves traveling, this guide offers you 30 thoughtful and practical ideas for travel gifts for her. 

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I know what we’re all here for, so let’s get right into it and not waste any more time! I have divided the present ideas in a few different categories to make things easier for you – technology, accessories and miscellaneous. 



1. Technology

#1 Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

A good old Polaroid camera is a great idea for someone who wants to capture their memories and have them instantly printed on paper. It makes for the perfect gift for a girl, also because, if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t spend the money to buy this type of thing for yourself. Like.. I could live without it.. But it would make creating and capturing memories so much more fun if I had it.. so *cough*. Yeah, you get the point.


#2 Portable charger, fan and flashlight – all in one

This cool little gadget combines a few functions in one and it is also extremely compact. Out of battery – no worries! You’re sweating your face off during some hot days – I got’ya! Too dark outside – I got this covered. This thing is extremely practical for when on the road, and not only.


#3 Fitbit 

A Fitbit is another one of those things, that many girls wouldn’t splurge on, but secretly want. I mean, how cool is it to be able to track everything that’s happening with your body – walked steps, burnt calories, amount and quality of sleep etc. The perfect gift for an active person, who loves being on the road and is also interested in their health! 


#4 Travel adapter

When traveling abroad, a travel adapter is an essential item to bring. A lot of countries have different outlets, so owning an adapter, who has it all-in-one is a life-savor. Surprising your lady with this beautiful travel adapter would not only make her happy, but it would also be put into great use. 


#5 Wireless headphones

When traveling, very often one just needs some time for themselves, not talking to anyone, enjoying some music, a podcast or an audio book. In such cases, wireless headphones are your best friend. 


#6 Kindle

Bringing paper books while traveling is a hassle. Moreover, they take up unnecessary space, which should be used in a better way. A kindle is the perfect solution for people who love reading, but also spend a lot of time on the road. 



#7 Winter pom pom hat

Traveling during the colder months is unthinkable without a comfy hat to keep you warm. Besides, they look so damn cute in photos. 

#8 Fedora hat

If you’re traveling to a warmer climate, you might want to consider this fedora hat. Protecting the skin from the sun is a must, and it also serves as a perfect accessory. 


#9 Plaid blanket scarf

This type of scarves have been on trend for the longest time, and for a reason. They are so multi-functional – you can use them as an accessory to spice up an outfit, as a scarf to keep you warm, or as a blanket to lay on. You just can’t go wrong with these.


#10 Travel map necklace

If your lady is into jewelry, this travel map necklace is the perfect gift for her. I mean, which travel addict doesn’t like having world maps everywhere. 


#11 Travel jewelry box

A jewelry box is necessary to keep things together when traveling. Especially if the girl you’re shopping for likes to bring a lot of necklaces, earrings, rings etc with her. They are compact, fit a lot of things in them, and they are so pretty. 


#12 Passport cover

Who doesn’t like a cute passport cover! Looking at it from a more practical point of view, your passport is your most precious item you have when traveling. Keeping it intact and protected must be your number one priority, so why not combine it with looking extremely cute as well.


#13 Backpack

Everybody needs a good backpack when traveling. Absolutely everybody. This anti-theft backpack is perfect for being on the road, because you can never be too safe with your belongings. It also has compartments for everything – laptop, passport, tablet, credit cards etc. To top it off, you can charge your phone off of the integrated USB port. 


#14 Luggage tags

Staying on the topic of safety, it is always a good to have luggage tags on all your luggage pieces in case they get lost. This way people will know where exactly to send the luggage in case it gets 

lost (knock on wood it never happens, but still). These ones look extra cute as well – a perfect present for her.


#15 Travel pillow

Travel pillows are a must for long flights, bus or train rides, and over all for traveling. They can increase the quality of your sleep a ton, so don’t neglect this necessity. 


#16 Sleeping mask

Some people are having trouble sleeping without a sleeping mask on. So if your woman is one of those people – invest in a good sleeping mask. These long journeys will no longer be so tiring and unbearable ones she is able to get her beauty sleep. 


#17 Fluffy Socks

And still on the topic of comfort, nothing can beat a pair of fuzzy warm socks on a long flight. We all know how cold it can get on planes, so having something comfortable to keep your feet warm is the best feeling ever. 


#18 Microfibre travel towel

Bringing your own towel when traveling is essential – you never know when you might need one. Hostels usually do not provide one. And even if you are not planning on staying at hostels – you might end up going to the beach and needing a towel to sit on. Microfibre towels are perfect for traveling, because they fold to a tiny size and dry quickly. 

#19 Travel blanket 

Next on the list of the best travel gifts for girls is a travel blanket. You can just never have enough things to keep you warm. I have regretted not bringing one on my travels so many times. This one is super compact, lightweight, fluffy and comfortable.


#20 Foldable duffle bag 

An extremely practical travel gift is this foldable duffle bag. It folds extremely tiny, but at the same time it can expand and hold so many things inside. In case you need to carry some groceries or other things you end up buying, this will serve you well. 


3. Miscellaneous:

#21 Scratch map 

Travel addicts just love scratching countries off their list and keeping up with where they’ve been and where they want to go. A scratch map is not only a great wall decor, but it also serves as a reminder of all the places you have visited. 


#22 Adventure Fund Box

Saving up is an essential part of going traveling. Why not surprise your lady with a fund box for all her savings? This way she will have a designated place to set aside all the money she wants to splurge on traveling later on.


#23 Travel journal 

A travel journal is the best way to keep your travel memories forever, write down stories you never want to forget, or just create collages of tickets, photos and all sorts of other mementos. If your lady loves keeping a journal, this is definitely the perfect gift for her.

Check out my Travel Journaling 101 blog post to learn all about it.


#24 Scented travel tin candles 

As a candle lover myself, I sometimes like to bring some scented ones, especially when I know that the place I will be staying at offers a bathtub. Candles are ideal for relaxing and creating a cozy atmosphere in a foreign environment. 


#25 A bucket list book with 1000 adventure ideas

Consider this book with adventure ideas as a travel gift – you might be surprised with all the inspiration and motivation you will find inside. 


#26 iPhone Charge Lightning Cable + Keychain + Bottle Opener + Aluminum Carabiner

Here is another extremely useful gadget, which is perfect as a travel gift. It combined an Iphone charger, a lightning cable, a keychain, a bottle opener and a carabiner – all in a super small tool. It takes up literally no space, yet it serves so many purposes. 


#27 Mini refillable perfume bottles

Taking your perfume on a plane if it’s in a bigger bottle is impossible. This is where these refillable perfume bottles come in handy. You can even bring a few options and won’t have to worry about security checks, nor taking up any luggage space. 


#28 Map pillow

A map pillow is a suitable decor piece for a lady who loves traveling. We all need pillows, so instead of getting plain boring ones, just get her this one as a gift for the holidays. 


#29 Selfie stick-tripod

Taking photos is an essential part of traveling. Check out this selfie stick which doubles as a tripod as well. Two birds killed with one stone!


#30 Emergency kit

Last but not least on the list of the perfect travel gifts for her is this emergency kit. Having some medications, plasters and other handy things can never be unnecessary – you just don’t know what’s going to happen at any given point. Be prepared for everything and invest in a quality emergency kit, which is also not too bulky. 


This concludes this list of my top 30 recommendations for travel gifts for her and I really hope you managed to get something out of it. It’s time to get shopping! 


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- This article contains affiliate links. For every purchase made through one of these links, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you! -        

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