11 Wonderful Things to Do in Wrocław in 1 Day or More

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Prior to visiting Wrocław, I had already been to Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice back in 2018. I vividly remember from that trip how beautiful and organized these cities were. Well, I can confirm that Wrocław doesn’t shy away from this description either.

I came to Wrocław on a short work trip and I’m sad to admit that time wasn’t on my side – I only had a few hours to explore the main tourist sights, and I tried to make the most of it. The verdict – Wrocław needs more than a few hours, optimally a few days to be enjoyed fully. Meaning, I have to come back someday. 🙂

Still, what I saw left me in awe, which I definitely didn’t expect before coming here. If you’re also planning to visit, here is a list of the best things to do in Wrocław, coming from a very rushed, yet ambitious tourist, aka myself.

Things to do in Wroclaw

Is Wrocław worth visiting?

Wrocław is one of the prettiest cities in Central Europe that I’ve ever visited. The beautiful architecture, radiant atmosphere and calm vibes were not what I had expected but definitely what made me fall in love with it. If you’re considering whether to include Wrocław to your travel itinerary for Poland – go for it!

How many days to spend in Wrocław?

Ideally you’d want to spend at least 2 to 3 days in Wrocław to be able to see the most important sights and enjoy the city without rushing. Of course, the more – the merrier.

Even though I was in Wrocław for about 3 days, I spent most of my time attending a conference which was indoors. I only got to walk around and explore the city for a few hours, so I’d definitely visit it again if I ever get the chance. Nevertheless, I asked some locals for recommendations on what to see and do in Wrocław, so this article will help you plan your visit even if it’s longer than mine!

How do you pronounce Wrocław?

Wrocław is pronounced like “vrohtz-wahv”. Imagine it being written like “Vrotslav” – does that make it easier?

I was just as lost as you were when I first tried to pronounce the name Wrocław. Check out this video that helped me nail it down!

Things to do in Wroclaw

Where to stay in Wrocław

There were three of us travelling to Wrocław so we needed at least two double beds to stay comfortably there. After some thorough research we booked this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment with a lovely living room, kitchen and balcony. The apartment was mesonet-style with the bedrooms being on the upper floor, so you need to be prepared for some steps. The check-in process was very easy and the location was just perfect! We were also very happy with the price – at the time of booking it was among the cheapest available options!

How to get around Wrocław

For the most part Wrocław is very compact and walkable. Another good news is that there’s a variety of ways to get around aside from taxis – you can use Uber or get on the public transport which was so easy and convenient!

The public transport system works very well and can take you almost anywhere. All you need to do once you get on a bus, for example, is to go to the small ticket machines, pick the amount of time you need for your ticket and tap your credit/debit card. Voila! Now your card acts as your ticket.

What are the best things to do in Wrocław?

Roam around the Old Town

Wroclaw Old town

Things to do in Wroclaw Things to do in Wroclaw

Every time, before visiting a new place, I check out what it looks like on photos on Google. Like usual, I googled Wrocław and went to the images section. And I was speechless…

I couldn’t believe how magical this not-so-popular place looked, and how I’ve never considered visiting it before. You can imagine how excited I was for this trip from that point on… I mean, you’ve probably seen the same photos as well. And you probably felt the same? I hope I’m not the only one. 😉

Well, most photos you’ll see are from the Old Town of Wrocław – one of the most beautiful old towns I’ve ever seen (it’s up there with the fairytale German village Quedlinburg and Bruges in Belgium).

If you only have a few hours in Wrocław, make sure to spend them here, roaming around, and enjoying the colorful buildings and beautiful architecture.

The Market Square (Rynek)

Wroclaw Market Square Rynek

The Rynek square is the main attraction of the Old Town in Wrocław and probably one of the most beautiful town squares I’ve seen.

Have you ever had this when you’re in an incredibly beautiful place and you keep taking photo after photo after photo… without being able to stop yourself? That’s what happened to me when I was in that square.

I know I have to take some time to enjoy it with my own eyes, but I was also so scared not to miss a single thing, a single angle, a single building… I wanted to have them in photos and keep as a memory forever.

See the Wrocław Old Town Hall

Wroclaw Old Town Hall
Source: Canva

In the center of the market square you’ll find the old town hall – another incredibly impressive building in Wrocław and one of the main landmarks in the city.

Its construction started back in the 13th century and its construction took around 300 years. The architecture serves as a fine example of bourgeois Gothic style, and it’s something you’d notice around Poland quite a bit.

Apart from serving administrative services, the old town hall houses a museum and a basement restaurant.

Cross the Penitent Bridge

The Penitent Bridge, also called Mostek Pokutnic in Polish, is a walk-on between the two towers of Mary Magdalene Church. It’s located at a height of 45 metres, making it a perfect spot for taking some rooftop photos over Wrocław.

A legend says that one could see the ghosts of young women, who preferred to party with men, instead of staying home and taking care of their house and children. Their punishment was that they had to cross the bridge between these towers.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Source: Canva

Located in the oldest part of Wrocław, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is one of the most striking buildings in the city.

The building we’re seeing today is actually the fourth reconstruction. When it was first built in 1244, this was in fact the first brick building in all of Poland! One of the most eye-catching details inside is the alterpiece, showing the Virgin Mary taking a nap. Here you can also see the largest organ in Poland.

It’s highly recommended to go up to the tower and check out the panoramic view over Wrocław’s rooftops. The good news is that most of the way up is covered by an elevator, making the church tower much more accessible than others. This is one of Wrocław’s highest viewpoints (probably after Sky Tower) and it’s the best place to see the city from above and up close.

Ostrów Tumski – see the oldest part of Wrocław

Ostrów Tumski is the oldest part in Wrocław, where you will find buildings from the 12th and 13th century, such as the late Romanesque church. st. Idzi, St. Martin church and remains of the ducal castle of the Silesian Piasts. The Cathedral of John the Baptist also belongs to this part of town.

Other places in Ostrów Tumski that are worth visiting include:

  • The 13th-century Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and the Church of St. Bartholomew – located in one building, but on separate floors. This building is also one that caught my eye – I only wish I had a bigger lense to capture all of its beauty.
  • Kluskowa Gate
  • Tumski Bridge, which used to be called the Lovers’ Bridge because couples left padlocks with their names on it as a symbol of their love and threw the keys into the Odra River. After the renovation of the bridge, it is now forbidden to put padlocks on it.
  • The Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław

Grunwaldzki Bridge

Things to do in Wroclaw

One of the most iconic and recognisable bridges in Wrocław is the Grunwaldzki Bridge. It reminded me a bit of Tower Bridge in London, even though it’s a much smaller version of it. Perhaps because of its blue color. Let me know if you also see a resemblance.

It was constructed between the years 1908 – 1910 using a new technology for that time – its span is suspended with steel cables attached to 20m high stone pylons on the opposite sites of the river.

The bridge was severely damaged in the spring of 1945 when Wrocław (also known as Breslau in German) was under a siege. This was when Grunwaldzki Square served as an airport and many of the nearby houses were demolished, and so were the pylons, since they were too high for the planes. The top towers were also dismantled. Later on, the bridge was destroyed. It then took two years to rebuild it to what we see today.

Zwierzyniecki Bridge

As you’ll notice, there’s quite a few impressive bridges in Wrocław. One of them, spanning over the Oder River, is the bridge with the unpronounceable name Zwierzyniecki Bridge. It was built around 1655 and the original construction was wooden.

Nowadays, what stands out most and gives the bridge its distinguishable charm are the four decorative Art Nouveau obelisks, made of red sandstone. The bridge is even more mysterious when the sun sets and its lights are turned on.

Just behind the bridge you can also find the local zoo, which I didn’t visit, but it might be an interesting sight if you’re visiting Wrocław with kids.

Admire the UNESCO gem – Centennial Hall

The Centennial Hall in Wrocław is historically a very important building when it comes to reinforced concrete architecture. It was built in 1913 and at that time it had the largest ever reinforced concrete dome in the world.

The building is seen as groundbreaking modern engineering and architecture, marking an important mix of influences in the beginning of the 20th century, and later becoming a reference point in the development of other reinforced concrete structures.

Check out the viewpoint at Renoma Shopping Center

A local lady advised us to visit the Shopping Center Renoma and go to the very top floor for a nice view over Wrocław. We didn’t manage to squeeze it in the time we had here, but definitely something to keep in mind.

Try some traditional Polish food

After a walk around Wrocław, we had to pick a place to have some dinner. The only condition – we wanted to have some traditional Polish food. And since we were veeery hungry (this is what usually happens when you’re sightseeing for a long time), we wanted to find a place as close as possible.

This is how we found Pierogarnia Stary Młyn – a restaurant right next to the market square, which was quite big and served some wonderful local delicacies.

Both our meals were delicious and we’d definitely recommend the place. Here’s a few shots of our food as well.

What are your impressions of Wrocław? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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- This article contains affiliate links. For every purchase made through one of these links, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you! -

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