Top Things to Do in Tsarevo, Bulgaria – A Weekend at the Seaside

Located in the southern parts of the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, Tsarevo is a preferred destination among locals. It is believed that the town dates back to the 12th century and it used to carry the name Vasiliko until the beginning of the 20th century.

Tsarevo is only about 70km from Burgas – the second largest city at the Black Sea coast. Burgas is also where the closest airport is.

This coastal town is distinctive for its quiet and calm atmosphere and beautiful beaches – both sandy and rocky.

Things to do and see in Tsarevo, Bulgaria

  • The harbour and its lighthouse

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - the harbour

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - the harbour

This is the southernmost harbour in Bulgaria and it was an important one back in the day, since it was used for shipping goods.

Nowadays, it is mostly being used for fishing boats, some passenger ships and yachts.

The harbor of Tsarevo is certainly an attraction you should see while you’re here, especially because of its lighthouse in the form of a sculpture. This is actually considered the first ever lighthouse-sculpture in the world. It is in the form of a Thracian goddess, made out of bronze, symbolising the hospitality of Tsarevo and a safe spot for everyone, coming from the sea.

  • The Sea Garden

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - The sea garden

The so-called “Sea Garden” is a small park in Tsarevo where people can go for a walk, play some mini golf, look at the stars through a telescope and just enjoy the chill vibes of the place.

  • The rocky beaches

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - the rocky beaches

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - beaches

One of the highlights were definitely the beautiful rock formations at the end of the Sea Garden. This is probably the best spot to watch the sunset from, as you can sit on the rocks and admire the waters busting into the cliffs.

  • The Old Church of the Assumption 

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - The old church of the Assumption

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - the old church

About 2km away from the center of Tsarevo, at the end of the southern peninsula, you will see the Old Church of Assumption. You cannot miss it, as it can clearly be spotted from the coast of Tsarevo.

It was built in 1831 on top of the foundations of another church, which used to be called “The Holy Trinity” and it is believed to have dated back to the 16th century. The church experienced a big fire and had to be rebuilt in 1895 to the state we are seeing it today. Just behind the church you will find yourself in a spot with a mesmerising view of the sea horizon.

  • The town center

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - center

Even though it is really small, the town of Tsarevo has a very neat and well-made central part. There are benches, fountains, beautiful restaurants with fairy lights and a lot of space for children to run around and play. Perfect opportunity for an evening stroll after a full day in the sun.

  • The church “St. Tsar Boris Mikhail

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - church of St. Tsar Boris Mihail

This church was built in 1936 and was named after the baptizer of the Bulgarians Tsar Boris Mikhail. It is located in the very heart of Tsarevo, just behind the main square.

It is believed that during its construction, there was not enough money for the church to be finished. During one of his visits, the ruler at that time – Tsar Boris III, decides to donate money to finish the church after he hears about the struggles of the locals.

  • Try the only handmade ice cream in town

Somewhere in the middle of the main street, leading to the central square, you will come across an ice cream place with probably over 20 flavors. According to the owner, everything is handmade and created with high-quality products.

Indeed, the ice cream was very delicious, so I would recommend you to pass by and try it for yourself!

Beaches to visit in and around Tsarevo

  • Central Beach

This is the most centrally located beach in Tsarevo, hence the name. It is very close to the Sea Garden and it is a rather small one. It would not be my first choice, so keep reading for other recommendations. However, if you are staying somewhere central, this is the most easily accessible beach around.

  • Nestinarka

This is the largest beach in the area of Tsarevo, spreading at around 600m in length. The beach offers some water activities like boats, jet ski, paddle boats and others. The beach also has a few small bars and restaurants where you can get something to drink or grab some lunch.

Here you can find bungalows for camping, if this is something you enjoy doing.

  • Popski beach

Popski beach is located just about 1km from the city center of Tsarevo and is only about 150m long, which makes it one of the smallest beaches around. This beach is not being managed by anyone, so I would recommend considering going 1.5km further and visiting the beach of Arapya.

  • Arapya

Beach Arapya is located right next to camping Arapya, about 2.5km north of Tsarevo. The area is surrounded by forests and what’s typical for this beach is that the water is quite shallow, which makes it perfect for children.

The place is also great for water sports, especially for beginners. You can practice surfing, diving and other sports here.

In the summer season there are mini buses going from Tsarevo to Arapya, which is great if you don’t have a car. The buses are quite frequent, coming about every 15 minutes.

  • Oasis

Oasis is the furthermost beach, located at about 4km north of Tsarevo. The beach is divided in two parts by a river, which flows into the Black Sea.

Just like Arapya, here you will also find a diving school and some beach restaurants.

This place used to be a camping spot as well, but in recent years it was overtaken by hotels.

Where to stay in Tsarevo, Bulgaria

Hotel “Zebra was kind enough to accommodate us during our stay in Tsarevo and I cannot recommend it enough.

The staff was as friendly as it could get, the hotel is in the most perfect location – just about 2 minutes walking distance from the Central beach and the city center, and the view from the rooftop is amazing.

Hotel “Zebra” is planning on building jacuzzis on the rooftop and I can’t imagine how awesome this is going to be.

Make sure to check out their availability here!

Tsarevo, Bulgaria - view from Hotel Zebra
The view from the rooftop of Hotel Zebra
Tsarevo, Bulgaria - hotel zebra
The rooftop pyramid of Hotel Zebra – perfect for watching the stars





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