Get a compensation if your flight gets delayed, no matter the reason, within 24 hours after the flight. Colibra offers a unique service of providing compensation for any sort of flight delay above 1 hour. All you have to do is download Colibra on your phone and upload your boarding pass to the application. In case your flight gets delayed for more than 1 hour, you get a guaranteed compensation.

Colibra only works for flights within the European Union OR with European airlines to any destination.



One of the best accommodation platforms where you can find anything from hotels, villas, rental apartments and more. Through booking you can sometimes get extra discount on some properties or book a place with a free cancellation policy.

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AirBnb is a great alternative to the regular hotels. This is a platform where actual home owners provide their properties for short-term rental to travellers, usually at a better price than a hotel room.

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