Visiting Palma de Mallorca in Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know

Palma de Mallorca is a known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. But did you know that Palma also makes for a great winter destination? I got to visit this Balearic paradise at the end of November and found out that there are some benefits to visiting Palma de Mallorca in winter. And I mean beyond avoiding the strong summer heat and steep prices. There was something magical about the Christmas decorated streets, mild temperature and not so busy streets.

In this guide Ill share what is Palma de Mallorca like in winter and what are the best things to do here in the colder season.

What’s the weather like in Palma de Mallorca in winter?

If youre from Central or Eastern Europe, the weather in Palma de Mallorca in winter can be described as our autumn. With temperatures rarely going below 8-9 °C and usually being around 10-15 °C, winter in Palma de Mallorca is among the warmest winter climates in Europe. Rain is a bit more common in winter, but one day it might rain, and the next day the sun will shine again like nothing happened.

What is Mallorca like before Christmas?

During the Christmas season in 2021, Mallorca was shining brighter than ever with its Christmas decorations! The trees in the whole town center were covered in fairy lights and the streets were lit up beautifully, creating a festive and cozy atmosphere even in the late evening hours.

The streets are buzzing with people even at night, and the Christmas spirit can be felt despite the lack of snow!

Is Mallorca cold in winter?

Compared to the rest of Europe - no! With temperatures around 10-15 °C, Mallorcan winter is among the mildest climates for this season you can experience on the continent.

Is it worth going to Mallorca in winter?

In my humble opinion - yes! Visiting Mallorca in winter allows you to escape the cold winter from almost any other place, to enjoy the beautiful island with almost no tourists and to see a different side of Palma, which not many are able to see!

Things to do in Palma de Mallorca in winter

Explore the old town of Palma without the crowds

Winter in Palma the Mallorca is considered a low tourist season. This is understandable - the weather isnt beach appropriate, and after all, the great beaches is what Palma is known for. But low season comes with its perks - lower costs and less crowds!

Visiting Palma at the end of November was magical in many ways, and of them was that there were not so many people and I was able to enjoy the place fully.

The main tourist attractions of Palma de Mallorca include the Cathedral La Seu, the ancient Arab Baths, Fundacio la Caixa (, Palace de lAlmudaina, the Bellver Castle and Plaça Major.

Visit the museums

Even if the weather turns bad in Mallorca, there are still plenty of museums to visit here. One of the top-rated ones is the Es Baluard - the museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The museum is not too big, so even if youre short on time you can squeeze in a quick visit. For me the best part was the beautiful view from the rooftop - you can see all of Palma, including the bay and the symbol of the city - the big cathedral. Other museums you can check out include Fundació Joan March - an art museum with over 70 works of famous Spanish artists; Museu Diocesà de Mallorca - a small museum with over 200 works of religious arts.

Try the Mallorcan cuisine

Having a fusion experience at A Tokio de Lima Restaurant

Mallorca is one of Spains main Balearic islands and Palma de Mallorca is considered the foodie epicenter of this region. Here you will find an abundance of culinary experiences and interesting  dishes, with a great focus on gourmet.

The times Ive had a gourmet experience can be counted on the fingers of one hand but Im extremely happy that one of these events happened right in Palma. I got to visit one of the most popular and highly rated gourmet restaurants in town - De Tokio A Lima. This is one of the trendiest places in all of Palma, offering a fusion culinary experience with Mediterranean, Peruvian & Japanese influences. Definitely recommend!

There are so many good restaurants in Palma that you wont have enough time to try them all, so pick and choose wisely! If youre Bulgarian like me, theres a Bulgarian-owned tapas place, called Vi Vermell Tapas. I met the owner of the restaurant on my flight from Sofia to Palma and found out that hes been living here for over 20 years, working in the gastronomy business. Sadly I didnt manage to try the place, but from the reviews that I read it should be worth checking it out.

Pay a visit to the Bellver Castle

The Bellver Castle is located a few kilometers away from the center of Palma, though still easily accessible by bus, and its one of the main attractions of the city. The castle was built in the 14th century for King James II of Majorca, and is one of the few circular castles in Europe.

The easiest way to reach the castle is by the Sightseeing bus, as it goes all the way to the parking lot in front of the building. You can also take public transport, however youd need to take around a 10-minute walk uphill, as the public bus stops at the foot of the hill. I tried both ways to get here and both were fine, though I was puffing quite a bit on the walk up the top.

The castle had different functions throughout the years - first it was used as a residence, then from the 18th till the 20th century it served as a prison, and today its under civilian control and serving as one of the biggest tourist attractions in Palma.

The name of Castell de Bellver comes from Catalan and it stands for lovely view, which is such a perfect name for this place as the castle is located on a hilltop, offering a 360-degree panorama over Palma and Mallorcas mountain range. More information about the Bellver Castle you can find here.

Ta Palma festival

Tasting some tapas at Restaurant Boira during the Ta Palma festival

Ta Palma is an excellent gastronomic experience, taking place each year at the end of November in Palma de Mallorca. During the 5-day festival numerous restaurants and bars across the city take part and offer their signature tapas for as low as €2!

At first I was very confused about what tapas actually are. It turns out that tapas can be anything - just in a small portion. They are small savory dishes (as big as one bite), usually served with drinks at a bar. So you could go to a sushi restaurant and theyd serve you sushi tapas, or you could go to a Mediterranean restaurant and be served seafood, such as stuffed mussels or fried squid. Tapas are a great way to try something new and I strongly recommend you try a few different types, even if you dont make it to the Ta Palma festival.

See Mallorca from the top deck 

Taking the Sightseeing bus in Palma in winter means you get the whole deck to yourself

Palma de Mallorca may be relatively small, but you cant walk to every tourist attraction. This is why I decided to book a tour with the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus - the one that takes you to every major attraction and youre able to get off and on at any time. You also get a pair of earphones, allowing you to listen to a pre-recorded guide talking about the history of each place.

As I already mentioned, there werent many people in Palma at that time, so I took a front seat on the bus and enjoyed the views from the top deck.

Take a day trip

The island of Mallorca has so much to offer beyond the lovely Palma de Mallorca. Be sure to set one day aside for a day trip, may it be a boat trip, a day in nature, or visiting an old town with an incredibly rich history.

I took a day trip to the town of Pollença - an enchanting Mallorcan town with unique architecture, marked by ancient blonde stones. Some of the highlights in Pollença include the ancient Roman bridge called Pont Romà, the 18th-century Mare de Deu dels Angels church, and the Convent de Sant Domingo.

Other possible day trips include a boat trip to the island of Dragonera, the caves of Drach, a trip to the hidden beaches of Mallorca and more.

Hit the tennis or golf court

For all tennis and golf enthusiasts there are a few options to choose from. The Mallorca Country Club offers modern sports facilities where you can enjoy a lovely time with friends. With 6 Grass Courts, 5 Clay Courts and 1 Hard Court, this is Europes only tennis club with all 3 surfaces. Alternatively, you could go to the Guillermo Vilas Tennis Academy in Palmanova or Tennis Mallorca in Magaluf.

Even though its a small island, Mallorca actually has 23 golf courses! Some of them include Golf Son Gual, Gold Son Vida, Son Muntaner Golf and Son Quint Golf.

Dance some salsa

If youre a salsa lover (like myself) or youre just keen on trying something new, why not go to one of the salsa bars in Palma? For the more experienced dancers, on the weekends you can enjoy some live music at La Bodeguita del Medio. If you want to dip your toes and start learning some salsa and bachata, then go to Victorys.


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