11 Useful Free Trial Platforms to Maximize Your Time at Home (At No Costs)

Considering the latest happenings and events, a big part of the world is under a lockdown at their homes as we’re currently speaking. I know how tough this can be on a mental level for some of us.

Finding things to distract us and ways to spend our time without it seeming like too long is key.

I compiled a list of 11 online platforms, which offer their paid services for free for some period of time. I believe we can all use a bit of distraction right now until everything goes back to normal. And who knows, you might continue using these in the future as well.



11 useful Free Trial platforms to maximize your time at home (at no costs)

1. Netflix – 30 days free trial

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about staying at home is binge watching series and movies. Even though many people already have Netflix, there are still some of us who don’t.

Good news! Netflix offers a 30-day free trial with the option to cancel anytime. What better time to  catch up on all the latest shows than now!?

Get your Netflix 30-day free trial here!


2. Skillshare – 2 free months trial

Skillshare is undoubtedly the best platform you can sign up for while having to spend a long time at home. 

This is an online learning platform with thousands of courses you can take. The topics vary from entrepreneurship to self-development to DIY (Do It Yourself), photography etc. Basically anything you can think of.

I understand that watching Netflix and doing nothing sounds like much more enchanting for some, but we shouldn’t neglect our personal development and growth. Make sure you spend at least an hour or two per day learning something new. 

Sign up for 2 free months will Skillshare here.


3. Audible – 30 days free trial

Audio books are a great way to tick more books off your reading list in little to no time. In fact, this is one of the things I will be doing the most during the time when I’ll be staying at home. 

Books are not only doors to different worlds, but also a great source of information, a place to learn more and more new things. Besides, you can listen to audiobooks while doing other chores like cleaning, cooking etc. Multitasking might not be possible for all of us, but it definitely saves time when trying to read as much as possible.  

Audible offers a 30-day free trial and one free book of your choice. 

What do you get?

  • 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals
  • You will get an email reminder 7 days before your trial ends.
  • No commitments. Cancel anytime and keep all your audiobooks.

Get your Audible free trial here.


4. Hulu – 30 days free trial

Hulu is an online streaming platform for movies, series and shows. The difference between Hulu and Netflix is that Hulu offers a wider range of current-season TV shows and a smaller collection of movies, while Netflix offers a smaller collection of older TV shows and a huge variety of movies. 

The platform offers a free trial month for new subscribers. 

Get your Hulu 1 month free trial here.


5. Disney Plus – 7 days free trial

Disney Plus is a new streaming platform where you can enjoy all of Disney’s family friendly productions, alongside Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and Lucasfilm (meaning Star Wars) movies. This is the perfect platform for all animation lovers. 

Disney Plus offers a 7-day free trial for new users. 

Get your Disney Plus free trial here.


6. Audiobooks – 30 days free trial

Audiobooks is an online platform with a premium library of more than 150,000 books, plus 8,000+ free audiobooks and access to 700,000+ podcasts.

When signing up for a 30-day trial you also get 3 audiobooks from their library for free.

Get your 30-days free trial for Audiobooks here.


7. HBO Now – 30 days free trial

HBO Now is another streaming platform with tons of movies, documentaries, shows, kids animations and everything your heart desires. 

You could get a 30-days free trial for HBO Now here.

8. Spotify Premium – 30 days free trial

If you’re anything like me and you can’t live without music, then this is the app for you. Spotify Premium allows you to browse and find new music according to genres, categories, artists etc. You can create your own playlists, share them with friends, and enjoy your music wherever you are.

Start a Spotify Premium free trial when downloading the app.


9. Tidal – 30 days free trial

Tidal is another music platform, which also offers exclusive interviews and videos with different artists. It gives you access to special hand-picked playlists and over 60 million tracks to listen to. 

Start a 30-days free trial here.



10. Oodles 

Oodles is a free app to read or listen to over 500 000 books. You can also import your ebooks and read or listen to them at any point on- and offline.

Download Oodles on your App Store.


11. Headspace

Headspace is an extremely useful meditation app which provides free and paid services. It gives you the possibility to try guided meditation for free and upgrade as you go, if you decide to. 

I have personally tried it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

Download Headspace on your App Store.


I hope this list helps you in some way to maximize your time at no cost, at least for a short period of time. Let me know if you’re aware of some other platforms, that offer free trials as well.

Take care!



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