Hi there! My name is Lyubomira, also known as Bulgarian On The Go.


As my blog name suggests, I come from a small Eastern European country called Bulgaria. I was born and raised there, but decided to moved to Vienna to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication science. I am currently in my final year and hopefully by the end of the summer I will be a proud owner of a bachelor diploma.

I started travelling regularly when I was 16 years old. Thanks to a European exchange program called Erasmus Plus, I had the opportunity to go to quite a few places including Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Cyprus and Latvia. After my high school years I knew I wanted to continue exploring the world, so I decided to move to a whole new country completely by myself: Austria. Since then I’ve been working several jobs at once while trying to keep up with my studies – all of that for the sole purpose of being able to afford to travel. To this day I continue looking for good travel deals and new places I want to explore, and I pretty much always have a booked trip to look forward to.

To date, I’ve travelled to over 20 destinations and counting, and I am more than excited to be able to combine my passion for travel, photography, and my background in journalism and communications, to bring new useful and inspiring content to my blog that you will enjoy.

I had been wanting to start a blog for years, and I finally got the courage to do so in August 2018. My goal is to use this platform to share all of my practical tips and tricks with you, to tell you about places you might have never thought of visiting, and most importantly – inspire you to go out there and see the world, because nothing makes you richer than travelling.


Stay up to date with my travels over on Instagram and Facebook, or drop me an email at hello@bulgarianonthego.blog to chat further.