10 Incredibly Useful Gifts for Travellers

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Being on the road almost every month of the year has made me a pro at packing light. If you were to ask the old me to go on a 1-week vacation, I would’ve grabbed my big suitcase and filled it up with tons of useless crap. And today? I could go anywhere with just one backpack and I would still have everything I need with me, because constant travelling taught me what I really need and what I actually don’t when on the road. Take a look at this list of my top 10 most useful gifts for travellers and things every travel enthusiast needs in their life.


Not having this can be one of the most frustrating things when visiting a new place. You get there, you want to charge your phone, which has 4% battery, and *bam*.. you can’t even plug in your charger. I admit, this has happened to me and it wasn’t fun. I had to run the next day first thing in the morning to look for an adapter, because I had no idea that the country I was visiting wasn’t using the same type of outlets. This one is perfect if you are set on a specific country and want to just bring one-piece adapter, but if you’re doing a world trip or visiting at least two countries with different outlets, then this one is for you.


I have been looking for the perfect travel journal for months and I can officially say I found the one! This adventure book is perfect if you’re someone who loves writing down memories, collecting scraps, tickets, photos and other small things from their trips and just keeping everything neat and organised.

Take a look at my Travel Journaling 101 blogpost if you need more inspiration on finding the perfect travel diary!


Maybe the hostel you’re staying in is charging for towels, maybe you need an extra something to wrap yourself in because you didn’t pack enough warm clothes. Or maybe you just decide to go for a spontaneous swim. You never know when you’re gonna need one of these bad boys. This travel towel is super handy and won’t take pretty much any space in your luggage. It is also super absorbent, antibacterial and fast drying!


If you’ve never tried packing cubes before – what are you doing with your life? Seriously, they are a game changer when it comes to travelling light. You can fit so much clothing in one cube, squish it together and not only save space, but also keep everything neat and organised. Take a look at these ones for good quality cubes, or these ones if you’re looking for something on a budget.


Touching up on the cell phone topic again just because we all know the struggle, don’t we!? Having a portable charger at hand so you’re able to charge your phone whenever and wherever is absolutely priceless. Take a look at this super small and practical one, or this slightly bigger one which can charge two devices at the same time.


I honestly freaked out when I saw this water bottle, because I had no idea such thing existed. Like seriously, you can fold it whenever you’re not using it so it doesn’t take up space in your luggage, and then unfold it and fill it up whenever you need it. Can it get any more practical than that? You can even choose between sizes depending on how much your water intake is – this one is 1L, whereas this one – 600 ml.


Airlines can be quite ruthless when it comes to your luggage weight. I would always measure mine at home before a trip, and many times it turns out I have to take some stuff out, because I went overboard. This  digital luggage scale allows you to do that on the go and always be on the safe side.


Ever since I discovered these, there hasn’t been a trip I’ve taken without them. I use these little toiletries bottles to pour in my shampoo, shower gel, hair curling cream and so on and  keep it in a zip lock bag. The most convenient thing when it comes to airport security check-ups!


Safety is one of the most important factors when traveling. Many cities are even famous for their skillful pickpockets, so being extra cautious is always a good idea. Why not up your game a bit with this waist pouch where you can store all your personal belongings like phone, money, documents etc. This anti-theft secret bra pouch is perfect for all the ladies who want to keep their money and credit cards in a safe spot. Belts with an inside pocket are also a great idea, which is quite easily accessible as well.


If you’re anywhere from the Balkans, you’ve been told you whole life how bad it is to go out or go to bed with wet hair. And to be honest, that’s not unreasonable (even though my western friends don’t believe me). This is why I always try to have a hair dryer with me whenever I try for more than a few days and I know I will be washing my hair. This travel sized one is perfect for being on the go and it might save you from getting a cold.

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Lyubomira Doncheva
Lyubomira Doncheva

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- This article contains affiliate links. For every purchase made through one of these links, I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you! -        

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